Operations that go far beyond the necessities

We don’t just respond to outages—we catch them before they happen and leverage your site data to continually maximize output.

24/7 Remote Operations Center

We control hundreds of sites from one secure room, with the singular goal of maximizing their uptime. With data from the ROC, we’ve learned the secrets to designing and building projects that truly perform.

Deep performance analytics

Our dedicated analytics team goes beyond uptime to discover how to maximize energy production and reduce degradation over time. They’re the modeling experts who make our performance projects so stunningly accurate.

Proactive problem prevention

Responding quickly to problems is table stakes—we’d rather prevent them. That’s why we invest in things like our drone inspection program, which uses infrared imaging to examine panels for problems the eye can’t see.


Portfolio availability has exceeded 98% since 2017, over 99% in 2021

.50 TRIR
(Over 1 year without a recordable incident) US Average TRIR is 3.1
17k Acres
Land managed
4.2 GW

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clean energy journey

We own and optimize the entire value chain so every project can be a smooth, profitable ride.

Keep your assets performing at their peak for decades

We look for underlying causes

We don’t just fix outages. In our weekly outage report, we investigate what caused them and how they could have been prevented.

We assess DC like no one else

Uniquely assess the DC production on the panel and string level.

We track the trackers

Panels track the sun, but they’re not always perfect. We measure their accuracy so we can correct them before performance suffers.

We make turnovers seamless

When our operations crews switch over, detailed turnover sheets tell the new crew about all the issues they need to know about, including how to fix them if they happen again.

We watch our panels like a hawk

Our annual infrared drone inspections show us exactly how much our panels degrade each year, so we can perfect our forecasting models.

We base our expectations in reality

Our expected energy model is based on physics, not just past data, so you can see clearly whether the project is meeting production and financial expectations.

Case Studies

Proven Expertise

Case Study 0

Adams County, Washington

First solar farm in Washington State
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Case Study 1

Ventura energy storage, Oxnard, CA

Landmark storage project with groundswell of community support
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Everything has gone exactly according to plan, just the way Strata proposed it.

Larry Lawrence, Landowner

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